Higgs potential V. For a fixed value of λ, the potential is presented upwards against the real and imaginary parts of Φ. Source: Wikipedia


This article is part of a series of articles about the Karpinsky Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. There is also The Karpinsky Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics Part 2.

In the article, I am going to show that we all have had the wrong idea about what is quantized in quantum mechanics. We have thought that the energy of a photon is quantized. We have thought that energy of an electron is quantized. We have thought that the energy of the other massive particles in the standard model are quantized . In this article, I hope to show you that this…

Dear Quantum Wormholes,

I just re-read your paper! Since I have been studying this stuff all this time, I now understand even better. I totally agree with your viewpoint. While reading it, I came up with some more realizations. You may have also realized this, but here goes.

There is no velocity in one frame of reference. Any particle with velocity is in a different frame of reference.

When a charged particle is accelerating, it is changing its frame of reference. This is what causes a photon to form as in the Compton effect. It must reconcile the instantaniousness of the photon to our frame of reference, and that is what causes a photon to exist in our frame of reference.

Fig. 1, This is a process matrix W that describes the “links” between Alice and Bob. For example, it could simply route the input state ρ(in) to Alice Ma and then to Bob Mb (solid line) or vice versa (dashed line).

Experimental Verification That Entanglement Can Cause the Temporal Order of Events to be Indeterminate.

May 9, 2021


Most of us have assumed, up until now, that all events have a definite temporal order, and that a cause always has an effect, and an effect always has a cause. The notion of causality is an innate concept of our common sense, which defines the link between physical phenomena that temporally follow one another , with one phenomenon manifestly being the cause of the other. …

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Thanks for your response. Yes, measurements are the answer to verifying reality. Thanks for the hints as to where to look for more information. I would like to find other ways to measure the Quantum foam.

Figure 1, The smooth curve is the electron wave amplitude, and in yellow above, combined with the quantum noise, approaching the phosphor atoms. The noise peak at 80 degrees wins in this example, and all the electron energy will be absorbed by that atom.


Quantum foam or spacetime foam is the quantum fluctuation of spacetime on very small scales due to quantum mechanics. The idea was devised by John Wheeler in 1955.

Figure 1, Dirac sea for massive particles and anti-particles

The Karpinsky Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics (Part 2)


As described in Part 1, the Karpinsky Interpretation of Quantum mechanics is a purely wave theory. All interactions are the interaction of one wave with another wave. This follows from the mathematical formalism of quantum mechanics. The Schrodinger equation is a wave equation, and there is no reason to claim that what is being described is a particle. We will occasionally still use the word “particle” for waves that have enough energy to meet the threshold required for existence, but that is only because the language is already there.

The Mass…

Figure 1, In quantum physics, a quantum fluctuation is the temporary random change in the amount of energy in any point in space. This is a simulation of those fluctuations in a very tiny space. Source: Wikipedia


In my opinion, quantum fluctuations and entanglement are the least understood elements of quantum mechanics. By examining what is happening in the double slit experiment, we can see more clearly how they work. The equations describing the interactions don’t give one any feeling for what is happening. The surprising strength of quantum entanglement is one thing that becomes clear when looking at this experiment. Another puzzle that has not yet been explained in any reasonable way is the randomness of the location of the interactions. …

A mathematical graph of the Higgs Field. Source: Researchgate

John Karpinsky

September 11, 2020

Introduction to some Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics

There are various interpretations of Quantum Mechanics (QM) because it is not something that is intuitive. The rules seem to be in conflict with common sense. We know how to make calculations on the behavior of physical systems using QM, but we have been unable to agree on what is happening “really”. First, to introduce this subject, we need to describe a little of how quantum mechanics works. In quantum mechanics, all objects have wave-like properties (ie. de Broglie waves). For instance, in Young’s double-slit experiment, electrons can…

John Karpinsky

June 30, 2020

There are some elements of photon characteristics that are not commonly addressed in courses on quantum mechanics. It is possible that a detailed investigation into these lesser noticed elements of the characteristics of quantum particles and waves could discover new connections that might answer some of the outstanding questions in quantum theory.

A photon is an electromagnetic wave that has no rest mass. From our frame of reference, the wave travels at the speed of light. But from the frame of reference of the photon, it does not travel at all. The distance between the…

John Karpinsky

I am a retired industrial physicist interested in the fundamental physics of the universe.

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