Nothing is not Nothing

Why do we see much more matter than anti-matter?

Fig. 1, The Universe of anti-matter is on the left and matter on the right. Source: World Science Festival

Here is a hypothesis as to the answer to this question. It is so radical that I hesitate to publish it. But is fits the data of our studies of anti-matter so well that I feel I must put it out…

You have written an excellent review of the problems of quantum mechanics and it's interpretations. The comments that you have received are also very insightful. I have come up with my own interpretation, "The Karpinsky Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics", here in Medium, and if you have the inclination, I would be interested in your ideas of where I got it wrong. I can't remember at this moment how to make a link to my article, but you can look it up. Also, "The Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics" by John Cramer is very interesting and I don't understand why it has not gotten more traction in the Physics community.

Fig. 1: Map of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, Source: Wikipedia

On Some Questions about Frames of Reference in Relativity


The purpose of this article is to ask some questions about how we relate the different frames of reference(FOR) in Relativity. I did this about a year ago in Medium in my article “On Some Questions about Photons”. I worked…

Hello Quantum,

Wheeler's delayed choice experiment was a thought experiment, not a real experiment. I know others have tried to perform the experiment. Right now, I have gotten tired trying to understand what they did. The wiki reference you linked needs work and references. …

Higgs potential V. For a fixed value of λ, the potential is presented upwards against the real and imaginary parts of Φ. Source: Wikipedia


This article is part of a series of articles about the Karpinsky Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. There is also The Karpinsky Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics Part 2.

In the article, I am going to show that we all have had the wrong idea about what is quantized in quantum…

Dear Quantum Wormholes,

I just re-read your paper! Since I have been studying this stuff all this time, I now understand even better. I totally agree with your viewpoint. While reading it, I came up with some more realizations. You may have also realized this, but here goes.

There is no velocity in one frame of reference. Any particle with velocity is in a different frame of reference.

When a charged particle is accelerating, it is changing its frame of reference. This is what causes a photon to form as in the Compton effect. It must reconcile the instantaniousness of the photon to our frame of reference, and that is what causes a photon to exist in our frame of reference.

Fig. 1, This is a process matrix W that describes the “links” between Alice and Bob. For example, it could simply route the input state ρ(in) to Alice Ma and then to Bob Mb (solid line) or vice versa (dashed line).

Experimental Verification That Entanglement Can Cause the Temporal Order of Events to be Indeterminate.

May 9, 2021


Most of us have assumed, up until now, that all events have a definite temporal order, and that a cause always has an effect, and an effect always has a cause. The…

John Karpinsky

I am a retired industrial physicist interested in the fundamental physics of the universe.

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