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  • Vineeth Venugopal

    Vineeth Venugopal

    Scientist @MIT. AI for materials discovery. Science storyteller

  • Laura Gao

    Laura Gao

    Quantum software intern @ Zapata Computing. More work: lauragao.ca

  • Kieran D. Kelly

    Kieran D. Kelly

    Applied Mathematician

  • Harrison Crecraft

    Harrison Crecraft

    PhD Geoscientist. Exploring physics’ foundations to reveal the realities of time and evolving complexity.

  • Judith Karpinsky

    Judith Karpinsky

  • Robert Epstein

    Robert Epstein

    Hello, nice to meet you. I am Robert Epstein. I realized I wanted to dedicate myself to driving back when I was 16. Touge driving is what started it all.

  • Pavel Konecny

    Pavel Konecny

    Founder of NeuronSW.COM

  • Andrew Martin

    Andrew Martin

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